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High Impact Interviews

Picture of job interview

Many people are anxious about the prospects of an interview. Much of this anxiety is based on not knowing what to expect. If, however, you bear in mind that the selection process is essentially designed to assess whether you have the skills, qualities and motivations required for the job, by analysing what these are and thinking of examples from your experience, you can usually anticipate what you are likely to be asked and how to answer.

This Seminar is primarily designed for students and graduates preparing for first interviews

Its aim is to provide:

an overview of the principles and purpose of the interview
advice on how best to prepare for interview
tips on presentation at interview
advice on how to tackle some of the most commonly asked questions
advice on the questions you ask the employer
guidance on how to handle telephone interviews

Work through the whole seminar

 Provided by Scottish University Careers Services ( AgCAS Scotland )  

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