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Seminar: Making Work Experience Count
Seminar: Your Graduate CV
Seminar: High Impact Interviews
Seminar: Finding Your First Graduate Job in Scotland
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Building Your Graduate Career

Welcome to this series of interactive career development seminars for students and recent graduates.

Completing these seminars will help you to

  •  assess your personal skills and experience
  •  learn how to build a cv
  •  prepare for interviews
  •  look for graduate jobs in Scotland

  • The seminars complement the services and information available from your university Careers Service. To derive maximum benefit from the seminars, you should use them in conjunction with your own Careers Service.

    A link at the end of each seminar will help you to locate your own university Careers Service, where you will be able to check out the facilities available.

    The only information collected from the seminars is in the short feedback section at the conclusion of each seminar.
     Provided by Scottish University Careers Services ( AgCAS Scotland )  

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