AGCAS Scotland

Zhuo Liu

Nationality: Chinese

About Your Job
Job title: Associate
Employer: PriceWaterHouseCoopers

Tell us about the kinds of projects that you get involved in with this job.
IPO preview of 3 years Financial Statement of Chalco Co.

Tell us about the application process for your current employer.
1. Online Application
2. Writing test
3. Manager Interview and Group Discussion Assessment
4. Partner Interview

What do you think Chinese employers are looking for?
1. Job-related knowledge and skills
2. Good Communication Skills
3. Master Degree is preferred
4. Capacity of working under pressure
5. Work experience is preferred

About Your University Experience
You qualification from Scotland: Master’s in Accounting, University of Glasgow
Year of Graduation: 2010

Tell us about your use of your university careers service.
I received vacancies information in China from Careers Service and it helped me to target the industry and companies.

What skills or abilities have you developed through studying in Scotland? What extra you are able to offer to the employer as a result?
The good quality of education in Scotland is recognised by the Chinese employers. My study experience at the University of Glasgow helped me when looking for jobs.

What advice would you give to current international students at Scottish universities who are looking for jobs in China?
Do an S.W.O.T analysis of yourself, target the jobs suit you best and be well prepared for any opportunity in front of you.
1. Gather all latest information released by recruitment agency websites and company websites which you are interested.
2. Prepared well in each step of application
3. Be confident and be yourself
4. Think from the company’s point of view