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This web resource was developed by the Careers Services of Scotland's Universities via AGCAS Scotland and funded by the Scottish Executive Fresh Talent Initiative Challenge Fund.

Download a copy of Working in Scotland - A Guide for International Students. This leaflet was developed as part of the International Talent in Scotland's Labour Market project which was funded by the Scottish Government Fresh Talent Initiative Challenge Fund




Welcome to the Working in Scotland Online Seminar

This seminar is aimed at International Students intending to study and work in Scotland.

You will find this website useful if you are:

  • a current student

  • a recent graduate

  • thinking of applying to a Scottish University

There are four parts to the seminar:

How do I find out about jobs? will help you understand the Scottish labour market - the main industries, occupations and skills demands as well as recommending resources you can use to carry out your own research.

How do I find work? will help you identify where to look for jobs - everything from part-time jobs whilst studying, to work placements and voluntary opportunities as well as graduate jobs.

Getting a job offer will help you develop the necessary tools - CV, application, interviewing and other skills - to be prepared and successful in your job hunting.

Working and living in Scotland will help you to discover more about working environments and culture in Scotland.

Each section contains fundamental information that you need to know, links to additional resources, an interactive exercise for you to test your knowledge, and a 'What Next?' section which offers suggestions on the ways which you can use the information and move on.

You can read or view the case studies of International Students and Graduates already living and working in Scotland in the Case Studies section.

Organised by topic, Useful Links brings together all of the internet resources referred to throughout the seminar as well as others that you might find helpful.

There is also a Glossary which explains some of the more technical and unfamiliar words associated with the world of work.

SORTED, adj. and verb. Brit. chiefly slang . 1. Settled, arranged, secure, dealt with, prepared. Used to express readiness to act. 2. of a person: well-balanced, confident, 'cool'.

'SORTED' is the name of a series of interactive careers seminars aimed at helping Scottish graduates enter the job market successfully. Working in Scotland complements the SORTED seminars as well as information and services available from the Careers Service at your University or College. Once you have completed Working in Scotland, test and develop your knowledge further by working through the SORTED seminars.

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